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Healthy Homes focused on helping older people in Dundee to stay safe and well in their homes for longer. Funded by the Change Fund and managed by Dundee based charity, Craigowl Communities, Healthy Homes established a person-centred pathway to enable and empower older people in managing and maintaining their homes. 

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The wish to stay independent and well in our homes and local community is something we all have in common. As we grow older the desire to remain active and continue to be involved in shaping our own lives does not go away. Finding out residents experiences, knowledge of what practical repair services would help older people to remain independent is the focus of the project. The Healthy Homes project sought to meet with and get the views of older people, their carers and from those who work with older residents in the Coldside area of Dundee. By learning their experiences of accessing and using services to maintain their homes, the project went on to re-design the service model to best meet user needs. 

An engagement strategy based on different levels of activity and participation was employed, encompassing: lower level communication (flyers, leaflets, posters); interactive pop up events and discussions where older people and their carers were able to pose their ideas and share their experiences; and higher-level co-design sessions aimed to engage with as many older adults as possible, learning from their stories and informing the re-design of the service model. 

Example methods are shown below and more info on the project is available here.

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